Using XlsxWriter in a Linux environment - linux

I am going to re-code a library from openpyxl to XlsxWriter. Does someone used XlsxWriter within a linux and Windows environment? Do you have encountered any problems by executing XlsxWriter within a Linux environment?

XlsxWriter works perfectly fine in a Linux environment (as well as Windows and Mac OS). Every commit is tested on Linux for a range of Python versions.


under windows, python3 library changes are not seen in spyder until kernel is restarted

I am using spyder from time to time, on both linux and windows platforms. The behavior w.r.t. adjusting imported libraries is different on the two:
on linux, while running the same kernel (no restart needed), in the middle of some computations, i can adjust some library code, re-select a block of code, run it and i see the new library code being used
on windows, i have to restart the kernel to achieve this effect, as re-selecting keeps running the old code, initially loaded
I am wondering if this has to do with the OS difference or perhaps there is something wrong with the windows version of spyder/anaconda i have. How can i achieve the same behavior in windows?
Well, following Carlos' suggestion i updated to anaconda3 5.2.0 on windows (it's a work computer with company policies in place, cannot update to any version i wish), and i have spyder 3.2.8 on it and this version of spyder has the feature i was looking for, unlike the previous one.

Install several new versions of Python3.x on an IPython notebook

At the moment, when I open an iPython notebook with
ipython notebook
I can choose which kernel to run, i.e. Python2.7 or the latest version of Julia.
I would like to add a kernel of Python 3.2 and Python3.3 to run. When opening a new notebook, I can select which kernel to use.
How can I do this?
If I understand correctly, you're trying to launch IPython with the ability to select whether to use Python 2.7, 3.2, or 3.3. Please clarify if this is not the case.
If you are on a linux machine, you can create aliases so that ipython27 launches IPython with python 2.7 and ipython32 launches IPython with python 3.2, etc. See:
On windows, you can toggle between python versions. There are numerous options to choose from, just be careful that the option you go with doesn't interfere with your IDLE, etc. or that you properly account for the potential impact some solutions (ie renaming the python.exe) can have. From there, you can launch the correct instance of IPython. See: How to run multiple Python versions on Windows

Converting Pygame 3.5 to executable - Mac

I've finished up a pygame program that I'd like to convert to an executable so I can send it to friends and family. After doing some research it seems that all the convertible programs are outdated or don't work on Mac. Does anyone know how to convert my 3.5.0 version pygame file to executable on Mac? Anything helps, thanks!
Have you tried cx_Freeze? It can freeze a python game on just about any operating system provided you freeze it on that operating system.
It works with python 2.6 and up, including python 3.x.
Here's the documentation, as well as another SO question I found helpful.
NOTE: Py2exe is for Windows. You should use py2app if you aren't going to use cx_Freeze.

Python 3.3 installation on 64-bit windows 8.1

I am trying to use Scikit using Python 3.3 on 64-bit Windows 8.1. I installed Python 3.3 from the site below:
Also, Scikit was installed from the site below (being mindful to pick up 64-bit amd version that works with py3.3).
However, I find that the SVM grid_search hangs for ever. On debugging, I find that the "Parallel()" routine (part of never returns.
My program was running alright on lower version of python 2.7.4.
Could this be installation error?
This is in the interest of the greater Python developers. All these problems arose as I was using google's PyScripter. It is a highly unstable Python IDE. Soon after I shifted to PyCharm, the entire codebase without any change started running like a charm.

MySQL connection in python 3.X for 64bit [closed]

I've built a large program that runs queries on MySQL dbs via python 3.X scripts. I developed it while working on a 32-bit system, but now am trying to run it on my new 64-bit machine. Thus far I have been unable to find a clear answer on whether or not a module exists for Python 3.X that works for MySQL in a 64bit environment. When I try to import my module that works fine in 32 bit Windows I get this error:
"ImportError: DLL load failed: %1 is not a valid Win32 application." .
I've inspected the module source and considered changing it up. But before I do that I want to be sure there isn't already a module available.
In a nutshell my questions are:
Is there any pre-built module for linking MySQL/Python in 64bit available for 3.X
If not.... Are there any ideas for other workarounds that would allow me to do this short of rewriting the MySQLdb existing module?
Precompiled Windows 64 bit Python 3.2 binary packages for oursql and MySQL-python are available from the page Unofficial Windows Binaries for Python Extension Packages page.