add user form data to table using ajax in thymeleaf and spring boot? - jquery

I have spring boot application.
When i enter data to form in html, how can I, without refreshing, add data to table using ajax and jquery?
please help
Thank you.


Need to Retrieve column headers from database using Datatables JQuery Plugin

I have a requirement i need to generate reports based on application.I am planning to use Jquery Datatables +Servlets for it.But i have a question .But using JQuery Datatables in jsp i need to give to the columns names (hardcoded in jsp page) is there is any way that i can get the column headers ,along with data from database based on application?
please help me out on this issue?

Prepopulating Form with JSON post data?

I am currently working on a report system where a manager can create a report template dynamically, and then a user can submit that report.
The form builder is a simple jquery builder and the form template is saved as the following [{"type":"text","label":"Report Raiser","req":1},{"type":"text","label":"Report Owner","req":1},{"type":"text","label":"Submission Date","req":1},{"type":"textarea","label":"Details","req":0}]
And here is an example of a form post data saved
I have been trying for a while now with no luck.
I am looking for a way to prepopulate a form so I can update the form.
If anyone can suggest a solution to this It would be a big help, bear in mind that the forms can change.
When you first display your page, it should be already prepopulated. So it is about the server side application whatever you're using...
If you're not using any server side app, then hardcode the data into the form or find a source for the data and query it using jQuery AJAX.

Codeigniter Ajax form submit and ajax retrieve data in table

is there any complete example in codeigniter where i can submit a form via ajax and same time get value from database to in table also via ajax.
ajax works pretty the same way no matter what framework you are using, the logic is the same. you should first learn ajax in complete and then you can use it in any framework you can.
if you can drive a car, you can drive any car.
here is an example for ajax with codeigniter
hope, this helps

Create table in html using jquery [closed]

How to create table in html using express.js responce to browser in json formate,Using jquery click button.Any help related to this will be appreciated Thanks.
Check out Dynatable, converts JSON response from Ajax, and builds a table in HTML.
Can you please check below url might help you.
You can use Jquery datatable that takes Json as a input and shows a table in user interface. You can check the examples in below url. you just have to make the JSON structure compatible with jquery datatable format.

jQuery Editable datatable

I'm doing a project which uses jQuery,MVC.
for that i'm using the jquery datatable so i need to add a editable datatable,which user can add data by clicking at a table row....and when i click a button all the data in the table shuold pass to the Controller to add to the sql database
i tyied jEditable but it didnt work,
Please help me to do this.
Thank You!
Jquery datatables does not support submitting data to the server. It can only grab and populate data from the server.
You could use jquery to do an ajax call and collect the datatable's data to pass back to the server manually.
Why dont you use Flexigrid for jQuery . It is the best client side data table I ever met. Details can be found here