Spotify API - Can I find the Completion % of a song? - spotify

I am working with some clients who want to be able to see the average completion percentage their tracks are listened to on Spotify (e.g. 50% is half the song).
The API documentation doesnt show how this can be done, but i have seen some label platforms offering this data (AWAL etc)
Am I missing anything obvious?
API Document Link:
Thanks in advance!
I've looked through the documentation and no obvious field for completion time

As for many APIs there seems to be a separate one for Analytics
It also looks like you need to be a label/author registered with Spotify


iPhone: Looking for an API to store survey results

In my iPhone app I am trying to gather feedback on my game via an optional survey. I would like to send this data to a central server, where I could gather all the statistics and process them to have a bar chart or other convenient presentation.
The data being sent an integer representing the user's preference. ie) Given "How did you like our game?", the user could select from a button from :) :\ :( . Eventually I would also like to have audio feedback where the user could record their voice. The variable length sound clip would be sent and stored from an iPhone to some server, for playback later.
Has anybody done something similar? Google Spreadsheets offers an API which I can't make heads nor tails of but I think it will support a tally of responses. ie) I received 10 goods, 4 neutral, and 7 poor ratings. As far as I can tell I wouldn't be able to store a sound clip in a spreadsheet.
I also looked into Google App engine but if possible I'd like to avoid the networking code to transmit the survey data and the server side scripts to interpret the data. Can somebody recommend a simple API that I could use to store integers for viewing? Ideally I'd like to say something simple like
if (response == "Good") MyGoogleSpreadsheet.MyAppStats.Increment(positiveResponseTallyCell);
Later on I'd just log into Googlespreadsheets and the results would be there for me to read. By the way I don't have to necessarily use a spreadsheet. I just want this to be easy. Bonus points if the API supports the storage and playback of sound but integers will suffice for now.
You can do this with the Flurry API ( which lets you specify which custom events to log, and gives you charts and downloadable CSV. Very easy to use:
[FlurryAPI startSession: flurryID];
[FlurryAPI logEvent:#"QUESTION1" withParameters:#"Good"];
Although Flurry is made for general usage statistics gathering, I think it would be a quick and easy way to accomplish what you want.
I know you said you've already taken a look at the Google Spreadsheets API, but you may not have seen the GData Objective-C framework which includes support for reading/writing to and from Google Docs spreadsheets (via the GDataServiceGoogleSpreadsheet class).

Is there a way to get information about the callers volume level using Twilio's API?

Im trying to display each caller on a conference lines volume in our product. I was looking through Twilio's API docs and dont see anything around this. Does anyone know if theres a way to display the volume of each caller so you know which person to mute once you are dialed in through a browser?
Twilio Evangelist here. Unfortunately it is not possible at the moment to determine the volume level of a call using Twilio but I have passed the feature request on to our product team!

soundcloud: Is api-v2 allowed to be used and is there documentation on it?

yea, the title pretty much sums it up. Is it allowed for an app to access ressources on
Is there any documentation for it?
Relevant since I'm currently working on a soundcloud app and I just recognized that most of the calls on the websites itself are done with api-v2. The responses from the server would be extremly helpful to build some kind of infinite streaming which is the feature I like most about
I cant speak for SoundCloud, but gryzzly (a former SoundCloud engineer) stated in a previous answer:
Letting you know, that using undocumented APIs is not going in line with the our developers’ Terms of Use.

Get play count of a track from Spotify API

Is it possible to get the play count of a song (for the current user)? I only found Toplist and the Track class, but neither tells me how often a user listened to a song.
As far as I know there is no way to retrieve that data at the moment.
This is not possible through the Spotify API right now.
The API does offer information similar to this, as a potential work-around.
Marked as not right now on the Spotify support site.
However, this article from 538 a journalist got a look at Nestify where that information is available.
I would assume that the information would eventually be made available via the API.

Flurry Analytics with iPhone and Website

I have an iPhone application that is based on social networking. I have integrated flurry analytics into it. Now, there is a limitation to the information that my client can send to flurry and I want some other information also to be tracked and only my server can provide thatinformation. Can I integrate them both into one for my application. In other words, can I make some JSON calls from my server so that it also adds information to the unique id allocated for my mobile application so that I can see all the information I want in one place on the flurry page of my application.
If you find a feature missing in Flurry or Flurry forces you to upgrade to their paid plan, you can also consider using the google analytics for ios.
It's free and has event tracking as well, which you can use custom variables with it.
After you set up google analytics, you can use the google gdata library to read any kind of data you need from google using their API.
I wouldn't create my own tracking system.
I don't know about any official ways to do this. You may ask this question to Flurry support - actually it is a better way to find out. I think it would be a hack if you sniff the format of the Flurry requests (which are not open, because we do them thru the provided FlurrySDK in iOS apps) and then try to perform the same type of requests on your server side. I don't even know whether Flurry sends the info plaintext or encrypted - I suppose it is encrypted, so you are gonna have a hard time it.
AFAIK their public server API is read-only (link). I'd say the only way to get what you want is to export the data from Flurry to your own server and then correlate the data there. But of course that means not having Flurry's nice GUI to view the data with, so it might not be what you want.