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I installed Visual Studio 2019. Didn't have this issue with 2017.
I have a solution with several projects. When I cleaned my solution before, all tests would disappear from test explorer. Now, they all still display in test explorer, even after solution or individual projects have been cleaned. I have exited VS couple times, refreshed, went through settings, but can't find the setting that controls this. Maybe it's a bug.


Visual Studio Test Explorer window not refreshing

Multiple times throughout the day, my Test Explorer window in Visual Studio 2017 is locking up. Whilst it doesn't crash VS, when affected I can't run any tests as none of the options are available when right clicking on a test....
I have a mixture of NUnit and SpecFlow+ tests in different projects. Cleaning and rebuilding the solution doesn't work, the test explorer window doesn't change. Attempting to use the 'NUnit test (click to run)' option also does nothing.
The only way to resolve this issue is to restart Visual Studio which is highly frustrating.
Anyone know what the issue could be?
I have had multiple issues with specflow+. In the end I uninstalled specflow+ and went with normal specflow. This solved many issues for me, including this issue. Hopefully it will work for you as well.

SpecFlow test not displayed in the test explorer

I have installed Visual studio 2015 on multiple PC and application that is using SpecFlow. The application is working normally on 1 pc because everything there was installed long time ago. However on the other PCs tests are not being displayed in the test explorer, and I need them in the test explorer.
Please help
Tests are not displayed in the Test Explorer window when using SpecFlow+ Runner
I run into this all the time. There is a great section on the GitHub repo page for specflow that I keep bookmarked for when stuff like this comes up. Usually this one (deleting the cache file) fixes issues for me.
The Visual Studio Test Adapter cache may also get corrupted, causing tests to not be displayed. If this happens, try clearing your cache as follows:
Close all Visual Studio instances
Navigate to your %TEMP%\VisualStudioTestExplorerExtensions\ folder and delete any sub-folders related to SpecFlow/SpecRun.
Reopen your solution and ensure that it builds.
Hope this helps
Thanks guys but I managed to fix my problem. The tests are displayed as soon as NUnit Test Adapter is installed:
Go to Tools->Extensions and updates ->Online->Visual Studio Gallery->Tools->Testing and select NUnit Test Adapter

Visual Studio stops working when clicked on “Local Windows Debugger”

When I click on "Local Windows Debugger" (a.k.a F5) my Visual Studio suddenly stops working and loads forever. Now some facts to solve the problem (like in math):
I installed Visual Studio Enterprize 2015 with Update 1 yesterday, so it's a new version. I tried Visual Studio Community 1st, though, but the problem was still there.
I already uninstalled some unneccessary extensions that may cause this situation (that was the solution to some other threads relating my problem).
I also disabled "Show All Files" in the Solution Explorer (well, it was actually already disabled).
I tried Cleaning->Rebuilding my Solution and just Rebuilding it before i press F5. Doesn't work.
I will be more than happy if anyone could lend me a hand.

Visual Studio 2015 (and 2013) Build and Clean Fails with no errors but MSBuild (v14) succeeds

My Web Application solution will not build nor clean in Visual Studio 2015 and VS2013.
It was originally written in VS 2010. The same sln (consisting of 3 projects) builds just fine in VS 2010 and VS 2012 but I get build failure on all 3 when building the solution or the individual projects as well as cleaning them.
There are NO errors and nothing is shown in the output window even with verbosity set to diagnostic.
There have on occasion been some warnings with regard to files not up-to-date but those are shortlived and not completely reproducible.
I'm able to successfully build via msbuild in the VS14 command line so this has got to be something IDE related.
Any suggestions out there?
I've seen numerous posts on this type of problem and none of the suggested workarounds/fixes work for my problem.
Also, what I'm experiencing is not exactly the same as I've seen posted.
I've just upgraded to the latest "update 1" available from MSDN and that didn't help.

Visual Studio 2012 not debugging current solution

My Visual Studio 2012 Professional doesn't debug as it should.
It looks like VS is debugging old versions of my projects.
I tried debugging several projects but the same problem occurs with all of them, even when I start a new project (both console applications and windows forms applications).
It doesn't even hit the breakpoints I place right at the start of the program.
Things i've tried:
• cleaning and rebuilding my solution
• DEBUG -> options and settings -> Projects and Solutions -> Build and Run. Here I unchecked "Only build startup projects and dependencies on Run" and selected "Always build " from the "On Run, when projects are out of date" list
• deleting the .suo file (since the problem not project related I didn't expect it to be the solution but it was worth a shot).
As far as I know I didn't make any other changes to any property and I didn't perform any updates just before this issue started.
The following link descibes a similar issue but it doesn't contain a solution that works for me.
Superman also had a similar problem but again no suitable solution but in my case cleaning and rebuilding doesn't temporarily solve the problem.
Visual Studio 2012 Debugging Old Code
any ideas on how to solve this?
Have you tried a repair/reinstall of Visual Studio from the control panel ?
Also it could be related to a windows User profile issues. Assuming you are using Windows 7 you can try re-creating the profile using this post.